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Far let: Alistair talks to Paul Smart at WDW 2010

Above: Francois Gianni picks up Supermono 0002

Above right: Alistair with Davide Tardozzi, Ducati Superbike teams manager

Right: Alistair delivers 0001 to Luciano Gentille for customer Giorgio Bocchi in Rome

Left: Paolo Ciabhati, Alistair’s mentor at Ducati, now WSB race director

Above: Alistair and Paul Smart at Brands Hatch, 1996 with Ducati’s 1972 Imola 200 winning bike.  Far right: Michel Fabritizo at WSB 2009 onnington

The following are pictures of Sophia, the prototype Supermono Strada, and bikes 0001, 0002 and 0003 as well as Ducati events and meetings where Alistair has showed Sophia.

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Praise for the Supermono Strada include one from Francois Gianni: I arrived well home, and I drove the bike, it is perfect, better than I thought. I am very very satisfied. Thank you very much for your work”.