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THE Supermono Strada
  1. History of the Ducati Supermono

  2. When the Ducati Supermono was first shown at the 1992 Milan Show, it was an instant hit. And the reason for it’s success? The Supermono is essentially a single cylinder engine that thinks it’s a twin.

  3. It was first built to compete in the Italian and European Supermono championships. Massimo Bordi was the chief engineer at Ducati who designed the unique double con-rod engine balance system  When Claudio Dominecelli (currently Head of Production and Racing at Ducati) joined the company in 1991 his task was to design  the chassis.

  4. The superb looks of the Supermono are down to South African Pierre Terblanche. The Supermono was his first complete design for Ducati and is universally regarded as a beauty to behold.

  5. Forty Supermonos were built in 1993 with a 100 mm cylinder bore (549cc). A further 27 with a 102mm bore (572cc) were built in 1995. The price in 1993 was £16,000. Now restored Supermonos are changing hands for upwards of $100,000. (surely making the Ducati Supermono one of the most valuable Ducatis to date.

  6. What’s special about the 1993 Ducati Supermono?

  1. BulletThe engine bottom - the design is from Ducati’s legendary Ing. Fabio Taglioni - an evolution of the 1979 500cc Ducati Pantah engine architecture,  but closed off where the rear cylinder would have been. The Desmoquattro “4 valve” DOHC cylinder head was designed and developed by Massimo Bordi in collaboration with Cosworth Engineering UK, first seen on the 1988 production Ducati 851, but was modified with a 100mm bore with larger engine stud spacings for the little 549cc Ducati.

  2. BulletThe engine balance - it’s a single cylinder engine that thinks it’s a twin. It has two con-rods but only one piston.  The spare con-rod is attached to an arm of similar length which is pivoted within the crankcases at approximately 45 degrees between where two cylinders would be on a twin. This gives the engine near perfect primary balance and so runs to 10,000 rpm as smooth as silk.

  3. BulletWith the cylinder canted forward just 15 degrees from the horizontal, 50mm (2 inches) above a line drawn through the axles, there’s very little weight. Changing direction is just a thought process rather than a noticeable physical input – a real rider’s machine.

  4. BulletLow weight and powerful brakes together with great manoeuvrability, gives the rider confidence on country lanes and sweeping curves.

  5. BulletThe power-to-weight ratio of this bike puts many-a mid sports bike to shame, giving it also acceleration on par too. With one power stroke every 720 degrees or 2 revolutions of the crank, the delivery of power is not as aggressive on the rear tyre of say a four. This gives the rider the opportunity to open the throttle much earlier in a corner with the confidence of really good traction.

  6. BulletThe front cylinder is near the ground and there is no rear cylinder (like on the twin) so the riding position enables the rider to have their legs closer together in an excellent tuck position and really feel part of the bike, sitting in it rather than on top of it.


Alistair’s love of the Supermono

As Alistair worked on so many of the Supermonos himself, it wasn’t long before he wanted to buy a road going version of his own.

In the 1990s when it might have been commercially viable for Ducati to produce the Strada, it decided there was not sufficient of a market to warrant the outlay (a guaranteed 2000 units in the first two production years)and the Supermono Strada never came into production.

So Alistair started designing and making the patterns so he could own his own version.

He felt confident that if he wanted a road version so much, there must be other Supermono lovers in the world who too would love to own a Strada and so Britaliamoto was born.

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Want to know more about the Supermono?

Britaliamoto Ltd is dedicated to bringing the Ducati Supermono back into rider’s lives. The company lovingly manufactures the first ever Supermono Stradas and replica racers for discerning customers all over the world